About Us

Sarah's cookie box

Sarah is a self-proclaimed cookie connoisseur. She's been baking up a storm since she was seven years old and in this case, practice makes perfect! Her cookie recipe has been in the works for several years and she has perfected her gourmet, and not to mention, ginormous cookies!

During quarantine, she began baking cookies at her parents' shop, Cedars Deli - Horizon, and the cookies got so much love from their local customers that she started an Instagram account to sell from there.

Over the past year and a half, she's received an overwhelming amount of support from her loyal clients and they are continuously amazed by the quality and thought that goes into each cookie.

Sarah absolutely loves baking cookies and constantly coming up with creative new tasty combos to turn into the perfect cookie experience!

All her cookies are baked fresh to order, and are served in her iconic Tiffany-Blue cookie box. Order pick-up instructions can be found in the FAQ section.

The rest is history as Sarah's Cookie Jar expands and more cookies are being made for YOU!